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Visual Communication and Interactive Experiences for the Zoological Museum in Rome

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The Project

A New Immersive and Interactive System aimed at experiential involvement and the diffusion of content from Museo Civico di Zoologia in Rome into visual storytelling and interactive iconography modalities.

The project proposal, through the promotion and organization of multimedia content, is addressed to the integration of various technologies to facilitate the use of cultural content by expanding the current exhibition space through the development of interactive solutions capable of increasing visitors’ (of all ages) involvement. Thanks to immersive and interactive technologies devoloped by Centro Studi Logos (e-REAL and MirrorMe), findings and memoirs come to life and interact directly with the visitors in order to deepen their understanding, visualize stories and live experiences, analyze findings, and interact with relevant (virtualized) figures who have had main roles in zoology--all powered through simple hand gestures that transform into recognized commands from multimedia systems.

The activities proposed, in particular, relate to the development of multimedia content and digital collections; the application of methodologies in order to improve the museum’s heritage fruition; the realization of three-dimensional reconstructions through meaningful technologies; modeling and 3D printing; and installation of immersive environments that allow a sensorial and gestural fruition of primary importance contents.

The Team:

  • Fernando Salvetti and Barbara Bertagni, project managers
  • Giuseppe Amoruso, overall tecnical coordination, digitalization and 3D printing
  • Polina Mironenko and Sara Conte, 3D detection, digitalization and 3D printing
  • Silvia Battisti, visual communication, user experience and user centricity
  • Matteo Lana and Rocco Tartaglia, software and digital application.

Main Targets

The purpose of this project is to be sought in the enhancement and promotion  of "places of culture" through the integration of different technologies, in accordance with the thematic background of the cultural spaces of the Civic Museum of Zoology, created with the promotion of places that even today are deprived of spatial and instrumental organization that allows its full use  and educational  entertainment, such as the ornithological collection and the Arrigoni of  Oddi room; the reptiles and amphibians room; the skeletons room; and the whale room; as well as some targeted measures  to support the staging of the other rooms, including, for example,  audio content and sounds that reproduce the different habitats.

The project involves the use of a virtual reality system and augmented and mixed reality systems, together with 3D printed objects, to make museum resources accessible to particular users, with special focus on people with visual and hearing disabilities, to allow for dedicated learning paths.

Furthermore, it is planned as a program of activities and events  that integrate various institutional and private actors, all promoting a wide diffusion and impact on national and international circuits with international agreements and partnerships with institutions such as the EDME Laboratory at the Design Department of the Polytechnic of Milan; the Cultural Association Intbau Italy from Bologna; the Italian Institutes of Culture Abroad; the offices of the Scientific Attachées at the Italian Embassies (given the type of Museum represented by the Civic of Zoology of Rome); and primary natural science museums based in major  international cities, and other national and international networks of a cultural and scientific nature.



1) Enhancement of the museum heritage, dissemination of its knowledge and involvement of target audiences through visual and multimedia, tactile, auditory and olfactory communication tools.

2) Using of new digital media to improve the use of the museum's offer.

3) The accessibility of the museum's collection has increased through the promotion and organization of multimedia content; the intervention designed for the Museum of Zoology in Rome provides the integration of different technologies for the use of cultural content which has expanded the current exhibition space through the development of interactive solutions capable of increasing visitor involvement, no matter the age.

4) By the new immersive and interactive technologies e-REAL and MirrorMe, findings and memories come to life and interact directly with visitors in order to deepen their understanding, vizualize stories and live experiences, analyze findings, and interact with important (virtualized) characters who have had roles as protagonists in zoology--all through simple gestural interactions that are transformed into commands recognized by the multimedia systems used

Financial Support

The entire project was made possible thanks to the contribution awarded by the European Regional Development Fund (POR FESR Lazio 2014/2020, Action 3.3.1 b), relating to the public notice L'Impresa fa Cultura (D.D. 17244/2018). 

Total investment supported by Centro Studi Logos: 227,850 euros 

Contribution awarded: 181,000 euros -


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